Carver student Francisco Martinez (second from left) helps Pete O’Connor with Trinity Science Solutions, move the moon, while (l to r) Preslee Lewis, Lillie Singleton and Zachary Garcia move the Earth to help them better understand space science vocabulary, such as orbit and rotation.

Teacher Uses Education Foundation Grant
to Enrich Space Science Lessons

Maria Cristina Andre’s goal to raise elementary students’ interest in math and science was recently boosted by a grant from the Goose Creek CISD Education Foundation. This 1st grade GATE teacher at Carver Elementary had applied for a $2,015 innovative teaching grant from the Education Foundation last year and has used it to impact her entire school.

“I have always loved science, especially space science, but I know that some students and teachers are not as interested in it as I am,” said Andre’. “I also did some research and saw that our test scores were not as high in science, so I thought if we could do something big, it would have an impact on everyone.”

Something “big” turned out to be a 16-foot Earth, several planets and a four-foot moon, provided by Trinity Science Solutions to allow students to better visualize how the planets align. Andre’ had seen the company’s presentation on erosion, and realized that her students would benefit from the Orbit Around the Earth Expo.

Students volunteered to move the Earth and moon around to help them understand space science vocabulary, such as rotation and orbit.

Pre-k through 5th grade students attended sessions on their level facilitated by the company. Read more. . .